Engineered for a Sustainable Economy.

Circular Economy

Keep your food packaging out of landfills with our sustainable solutions designed to promote a circular economy.

Carbon Footprint

Reduce your footprint with superior transportation logistics that holds more product and reduces space during transport.

Ocean-Bound Plastic

Join us in the fight against ocean pollution by choosing ocean-bound plastic, and preventing it from entering our oceans.


Choose packaging made from eco-friendly materials that uplifts impoverished communities and creates economic opportunities.

Consumers Choose Brands That Make A Difference.

When it comes to brands with purpose, consumers are:

more likely to purchase
more likely to trust
more likely to champion
more likely to protect
*2020 Zeno Strength of Purpose | (Base 8000 consumers; US, CAN, UK, FRA, CHI, IND, SING, MY)

Build Customer Trust With
Traceable Packaging.

With our patent-pending traceability system, your customers can fully understand the story behind their plastic package from start to finish.

From where the plastic originates, its journey through the supply chain, its impact on the environment and to the communities impacted.

  • add_location
    Origin of the plastic
  • fire_truck
    Supply Chain Management
  • co2
    Carbon Footprint Reduced
  • water_bottle
    Bottles Stopped From The Ocean
  • local_library
    Communities Impacted

Sustainable Packaging Options

Denesting machines
Ocean Bound

The Green Debate: Paper vs. Plastic?

Think plastics are always the bad guys? Think again! Surprisingly, plastics can help reduce GHG emissions and outperform paper bags.

Did you know Paper Bags generate 70% more air pollution and 50% more water pollutants than their plastic counterparts?

When you opt for plastic over paper, you:

  • energy_program_time_used
    Save on Energy
  • lunch_dining
    Reduce Food Waste
  • monitoring
    Extend Shelf Life
  • local_shipping
    Protect Food From Transportation Damage

Help Create A Circular Economy

Our products are mindfully crafted to support a circular economy and designed to be reused, recycled and repurposed at the end of their use of life.

With state-of-the-art and patent-pending technology, we transform plastic into custom packaging that:

  • local_library
    Uplift Impoverished Communities
  • qr_code
    Leverage Traceable Technology
  • manage_search
    Provide Full Supply Chain Transparency