Leak-Resistant Packaging

Introducing the patent-pending Lucid Infinity line of products – The gold standard in leak-resistant packaging solutions.

Shelf Life

Reduce food waste with a separate compartment that keeps juices away from food.


Choose from a range of materials from rPET, ocean-bound, 100% recyclable plastics & more.

Eliminate Foam & Soaker Pads

Switch to Lucid Infinity and ditch foam absorbents & soaker pads for a more sustainable solution.


Delight your customers with packaging designed to avoid messy spills and frustrating mishaps.

From Meats to Berries,
Say Goodbye to Leaks.

custom engineering
custom engineering
custom engineering
Prepared Foods
custom engineering
Leafy Greens
custom engineering

Help Promote A Circular Economy.

Support a circular economy with every purchase of the Infinity Line, and feel good about reducing your environmental footprint while keeping your products safe and secure.

Stop Plastic Before It Reaches Our Oceans.

Did you know that up to 8 million tons of plastic waste enters our oceans each year?

By choosing our Infinity line of products made from ocean-bound plastic materials, you're helping to keep plastic out of our oceans and reducing your environmental footprint.